About Us

Winters Refrigeration & Air-conditioning is  the best refrigeration and air conditioning cooperation that is the best in Pretoria and the whole of Republic of South Africa.

                                                                   Offering the following:

  •  Refrigeration and Air-conditioning technical services. 
  • Refrigeration and Air-conditioning products sales. 
  • Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Tradesman Training

Winters Refrigeration and Air-conditioning has got the ability and the expertise to conduct business and deliver  value for money for its clients.


To be the absolute value-creation partners through tailor –made business and training solutions.


Ensure that we are the preferred service & training provider through intellectual capital, professionalism and quality ventures with clients and to:

  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations, legal and other mandated provisions. 
  • Ensure quality learning provisions through sourcing of trade specialists (experience, skills & knowledge).
  • Ensure adequate equipment / tools for delivery of learning interventions.
  • Strategic partnership with certified peers.


The company’s value system guides its relations with all stakeholders (clients –both internal & external, learners, professional affiliates and communities).

  • WBE conducts its business and training with integrity.
  • The organization respects the rights and dignity of all its stakeholders and communities where it operates.
  • Advocates transparency and accurateness in its dealings and communication with its stakeholders.


  • Government departments·Restaurants owners
  • Retail outlet owners
  • Hospitals
  • Drinks & Food manufacturing industry
  • Supermarket owners
  • Industrial and Commercial Offices
  • Learners.
  • Training Colleges and Service Providers